In Days of Yore merges dark mysticism and the abrasive energy of alternative rock. Scorching guitar riffs and electro-acoustic arrangements support smoky, textured, sometimes discordant vocals which tell the story of a tumultuous past. The listening experience has the cathartic quality of a dramatic movie soundtrack. A phoenix rising from its ashes, spreading its jet black wings and taking flight, this is the mythical image conveyed by the musical landscapes of In Days of Yore.

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In Days Of Yore presents Sub Rosa, a first album to be released in the fall 2011.

Meaning "secret" in Latin, Sub Rosa is the first single and title song of the album. It deals with a passionate and tormented brand of love, combining gloomy, moody alternative rock sounds with electronic atmospheres.


Visit our online store at www.music.idoy.ca to get the free title song from the first In Days Of Yore album, Sub Rosa (hard copy or digital).

The long play is available on our online store and iTunes.

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The album is also available at your independent record store (Montreal) :

  • Sound Central, 4486 Coloniale St. Montreal, 514-393-4495 ;

  • Atom Hearth, 364-B rue Sherbrooke St. East, Montreal, 514-843-8484 ;

  • Cheap Thrills, 2044 Metcalfe St. Montreal, 514-844-8988 ;

  • L'Oblique, 4333 Rivard St. Montreal, 514-499-1323 ;

  • Phonopolis, 207 Bernard Av. West, Montreal, 514-270-4442 ;



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For general information : info@idoy.ca

In Days Of Yore is a band which operates independently from any label and located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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